Things You Should Know Before the 2023 World Mediators Conference

Hello dear friends,

We are happy to share with you that the final preparations for the World Mediators Conference: “Keys to the heyonic being, the Law of one and the Principle of Continuity” are in full swing and with them the excitement for everything that awaits us.

At the conference, Louhariya will reveal the principles of the heyonic being, and will grant access keys to activate the heyonic ciphers. The keys and the work model will help each and every one to create a generational alignment of the human antity, to support the body and mind in the gradual transition to the next evolutionary stage, and to express the law of one and the principle of continuity in the human being, in all its aspects. The model and the heyonic keys will enable a structured process, which relies on the existing internal basis, and allows it to derive from it, by refining to the next stages, in coordination with the internal backup.

towards the conference, there are a number of important updates that we would like to bring to your attention. We invite you to read the email carefully.

Let’s get started?

Where and when?

  • The conference will take place at “Hacienda Mansion in the Forest”, in Ma’a lot-Tarshiha and this is also the address to write in Waze
  • The gathering will take place on Sunday, January 22nd, between 10:30-11:45. We would like to make sure to arrive within this time frame in order to allow us all to start the activity on time and in comfort.
  • On the first day, until receiving the rooms, we will store our luggage in a designated area for this purpose
  • Light lunch will be served at 13:30 and dinner at18:00
  • Reception of the keys to the rooms will take place at the same time as dinner, between17:45 and 18:30, in the entrance plaza to the dining room
  • A detailed schedule for all conference days will be sent in the coming days 

What to wear?

The hotel is in the north of the country, and this month is January – it may be cold. At the same time, the complexes in the hotel are heated throughout the day and therefore, we recommend preparing in advance with appropriate clothing that allows flexibility and easy switching between inside and outside. In addition, prepare so that on the first day you will have comfortable and light clothes available for your stay in the hall and in the hotel complexes. If you would like to participate in the sports activities offered at the conference, it is recommended to bring appropriate clothing for physical activity (details below). 

What do you eat?

During the conference days, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served. The meals will be vegan and will include gluten-free options. Throughout the day, runner refreshments will be served, including water, juice, tea, coffee stand, and light refreshments. All rooms are equipped with a minibar. 



This year as well, the conference will be documented and photographed. This is in order to provide a window into the unique experience that takes place at the conference of activities. In order to allow all of us the most enabling and supportive developmental experience, we ask those who prefer not to be photographed to update us by email so that we can prepare accordingly. 

Group Circles

In  order to provide a supportive space for acquaintance, friendship, data sharing, assimilation and containtment, we will be divided into circles that will accompany us throughout the 4 days of the conference and in which we will meet once in a while. The assignment to the circles and further explanations will be sent in the coming days. your group circle will be in english. 

Intermediate activities

This year as well, new activities and surprises are planned, which will allow us to have times for containment, socializing, enrichment, fun and much more …something to look forward to.  Some of the activities will take place by pre-registration and some without the need for registration – details and thresholds and the opening of registration for the activities will be sent in the coming days, some of the activities will be for english speekers.

Here are some updates and recommendations ahead of the conference:

  • For our morning activities it is recommended to equip yourself with a yoga mat
  • For the evening activities, anyone who wants to is invited to bring musical instruments for the late night jam
  • This year we will emphasize, among other things, environmental awareness, and during the conference we will have a second-hand area for changing clothes! Both men and women are welcome to bring a bag with up to 5 selected items of clothing from your personal collection. Prepare them in a bag, clean and laundered and bring them to the delivery point that will be at the reception
  • Also we recommend you to bring a headphone blade for an activity that combines personal listening to capsules
  • During the conference there will be sports activities (yoga, Pilates, Chi Kung, walking and ets..), so we recommend that you bring sneakers and suitable clothing

The spa area

During the conference, the spa complex will be open to conference guests. The hotel’s spa offers a variety of treatments performed by professional therapists. Especially for us, the spa offers special prices: a 45-minute treatment at a cost of 250 NIS and a 30-minute treatment at a cost of 200NIS. Treatments can be booked during the free hours of the day, and can be arranged directly with the spa by phone: 073-3133188 (for the menu of treatments click here)


For any questions, you are welcome to contact us by email:

Very excited, and expecting to meet you

Louharya and the staff of the Cosmic University