33335-Module 3

It is with great joy and great excitement that we share with you the registration details for Module 3 – The Human as A Multidimensional Being:

  • Module start date: 03/10/22
  • Expected end date: 4/12/2023
  • The price of the module is 2870 Euro, this amount includes the payment for the study sessions, study materials and registration fees

In order to allow you a comfortable start and a pleasant reception, we are happy to give you a discount of 55 Euro per month during the first three months, that is, a discount of 165 Euro on the module. That means the cost of the module for you will be 2705 Euro.

We understand that for some of you this is a price increase which is due to the adjusted cost of each module, as well as general increases in cost.

Please, be in touch for any questions!

Below is a breakdown of the existing payment options:

  1. Payment of the entire amount in advance (bank transfer/credit card) – will get a 5% discount at the time of payment, and the amount to be paid will be: 2,570 euros. Payment in total will be considered payment in advance until 1.12.2022.
  • You can pay by credit – through the payment page
  • or by bank transfer (details for the transfer will appear later in the registration process). In the case of a transfer to the bank account, please make sure to choose the option of taking upon yourself the transfer fees. Once you make the transfer please inform us via email that you have made the payment along with the reference.
  1. Divide into monthly payments

It will only be possible through a credit card and we do this as part of a payment by credit card standing order since it does not occupy the credit limit for the full amount of the payment of the module, but each month only the relative part of the monthly payment that will be charged:

  • The standing order for payment will begin in November 2022 and will continue until December 2023, which means 14 payments will be possible
  • In the first 3 months the amount of each payment will be 150 Euros and from the 4th month the amount of each payment will be 205 Euros – this is the relative part that will occupy the credit limit each month after the charge

The type of payment can be selected on the next page after filling in the personal details.

In case of cancellation:

In case of cancellation of studies, a cancellation fee of 5% of the value of the transaction or 100 NIS  (whichever is lower) will be charged.

If the method of payment is through a standing order, the standing order will be canceled as of the month following the notification of termination of studies. If the payment was made in advance in one payment, the proportional part will be refunded and the month in which the notice was given will be considered as a month studied.

Starting in September 2023, a student who stops their studies will not be entitled to a refund.

Upon cancellation of studies, student relations should be updated by email – info@cosmic-university.net
We are here for any question and interest and will be happy to help

Module 3

33335-Module 3

Module 3

150.00 / חודש במשך 3 חודשים

150.00 / חודש במשך 3 חודשים